HOLLYWOOD STUNTWOMANbought my first motorcycle at age 17 and learned to ride it by driving it off the lot and crashing. That's how I roll," Podesta replies when asked about her drive and determination to be the best stuntwoman ever.

Raised in a farming community northwest of Sacramento, CA, Joni has dazzled us playing professional women's tackle football, wrestling, boxing, AAA softball, motorcycles, swimming, horse work, natural bodybuilding, collegiate field hockey, handcar racing and an arsenal of martial arts including a black belt in Japanese shooto.Fortunate to work with greats Clint Eastwood, John Singleton and Jennifer Aniston, Podesta can climb, walk, run and stand with great endurance until task completion. With her pit bull attitude she's able to do whatever necessary to get the job done. She can take a fall, kick, Molotov cocktail, moving vehicle and karate chop with great panache and fire one right back at you. She looks forward to future mayhem.


Lifelong professional athlete and elite stuntwoman, Joni Podesta destroyed competitors on the original AMERICAN GLADIATORS television show, advancing to the Final Four. Portraying the Yugoslavian boxer in MILLION DOLLAR BABY and tussling with dogs in MARLEY and ME, she is an all-around great chick.

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Joni Podesta tour dates:

Here my new movieThe Bad Batch starring Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey featuring me chasing down a supermodel



Chicago IL                   July 7
Huntsville/Muscle Shoals AL  July 8
Atlanta GA                  July 9
Greenville/Spartanburg SC  July 10
Charlotte NC              July 11
Raleigh NC                 July 12
Charleston WV          July 13
Pittsburgh PA            July 14

Boston MA                 July 31-Aug 3            St Louis MO               Aug 10
Newark NJ                Aug 11
Minneapolis               Aug 12

Home Base: Los Angeles !

Los Angeles Fitness Expert Joni Podesta brings more than 30 years of experience to transform you to a new physique. If your needs include weight loss, body reconstruction and sculpting, fat loss, nutrition, dynamic motivational techniques, home gym design or bodybuilding, Joni has the exceptional personality, attitude, intuition and knowledge to complete your journey.  And she will make you happy with your new body. Superstar with a smile. That says it all.

See me tossing other women around a wrestling ring, survive a dog attack, and be devastatingly more powerful than a locomotive against other Gladiators! To view my awesome television and film antics click here

"Wrestling and boxing bouts all over the world have rendered me FEARLESS." Imagine an MMA fight with no rules, no rounds and no time limits on an unfamiliar turf.

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As Sluggo punching in the elimination finals of the movie Bare Knuckles

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joni p boxing

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