Joni Podesta

Stuntwoman/Action Actress


 Eyes: Blue

Hair: Long/Blonde Height: 5’8”

Measurements: 38-29-39 Weight: 151


Marley and Me Stunt Double Kathleen Turner

Bare Knuckles Sluggo Eric Etebari

Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning Teacher Diamond Farnsworth

Million Dollar Baby Yugoslavian Boxer Clint Eastwood

Higher Learning Police Officer John Singleton


American Gladiators Contestant-Final 4 Winner Samuel Goldwyn

Lovestruck Wrestler/Referee/Trainer VH1

OJ Simpson Story Detective 20th Century Fox

Renegade Bodybuilder Stephen J Cannell

The Courtyard Bodybuilder Showtime Networks


Wing Commander 3 Marine Origin Systems

Battle of the Sexes Professional Wrestler/Boxer Malibu Ivory

Hollywood Diamond Jesters Comedy Softball Troupe


Dunkin Donuts Postwoman (principal) Jake Scott/RSA


Shape Magazine Fitness Model


Los Angeles Amazons Women’s Professional Football Association 2X Division Champions

Professional Wrestler/Boxer/MMA/Natural Bodybuilder

Black Belt in Japanese Shooto- Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jui-Jitsu, Mega-Grappling

Animal Stunts- fearless

Swimming: Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid certified

Yukon Jack Armwrestling bronze medalist

Railroad Handcar Racing US Nationals Bronze Medalist

Producer of Live combat shows and videos: MMA, wrestling, boxing

Olympic Weightlifting- trained by US Olympic coach Jim Schmitz

North Hollywood High School Boys & Girls Volleyball Coach

AAA Semi-pro softball, Pro Women’s Baseball, Horsewoman, Basketball, Rugby, Fishing

USA Boxing certified Coach/Official

Director of Muscle & Fitness Magazine’s Sports Camps- certified personal trainer

Welder, Steelworker, Firearms, Police Uniform

Motorcycle Class IV license, UPS, Forklift, Tractor, Stick-shift, 4wd, Boat, Jet Ski driver

Theatrical Combat: Swordplay, falls, kicks, punches

Collegiate Field Hockey, Tennis Most Outstanding Player

Society of California Pioneers - 7th generation Californian

B.S. Business Administration, California State University Sacramento - IS Computer Degree

Pleasant attitude and Dynamic work ethic

818-974-0608                                                                                                                                                               jonipodesta@yahoo.com

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