Do you want a great body?


Whether you are starting from zero exercise or elite athletics, Podesta has worked with many beginners with a clean fitness slate to pro baseball players. She's coached high school volleyball and Golden Globe-winning actresses and those differently-abled. YOU are her next happy body.

As Director for the Muscle and Fitness Magazine Training Camps, Podesta oversaw the construction of its 100,000 sq ft fitness facility, trained several Mr./Ms. Olympians and schooled with the U.S. Olympic lifting coach. She has a B.S. in Information Systems, is a certified USA Boxing coach/official, Lifesaving/Swimming certifications and professional Hollywood stuntwoman who competed in the original American Gladiators. During Gladiators, commentator Todd Christensen commented that she moves like Walter Payton!


“Joni is the best personal trainer I have ever worked with. She knows exact techniques to get lean, not bulky-- pinpointing my trouble spots and highlighting my pretty areas," Diane; mother and administrative assistant.

Open the door to PODESTA TRAINING CAMP and blast into the rest of your life!

Joni Podesta


Lifelong professional athlete and elite stuntwoman, Joni Podesta destroyed competitors on the original AMERICAN GLADIATORS television show, advancing to the Final Four. Portraying the Yugoslavian boxer in MILLION DOLLAR BABY and tussling with dogs in MARLEY and ME, she is an all-around great chick.

Los Angeles Fitness Expert Joni Podesta brings more than 30 years of experience to transform you to a new physique. If your needs include weight loss, body reconstruction and sculpting, fat loss, nutrition, dynamic motivational techniques, home gym design or bodybuilding, Joni has the exceptional personality, attitude, intuition and knowledge to complete your journey.  And she will make you happy with your new body. Superstar with a smile. That says it all.

See me tossing other women around a wrestling ring, survive a dog attack, and be devastatingly more powerful than a locomotive against other Gladiators! To view my awesome television and film antics click here


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